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Current Weather At Wildflower Ridge Observatories

48 Hour Clear Sky Forecast - Dark Blue Indicates Predicted Clear Sky Click to view Legend

ROBOsky Clear Dark Sky 24hr Forecaster (derived from Satellite Data)
Data available from ock to 2014-09-24 20:36:00 EST
Start Date Year Month Day Hour
End Date Year Month Day Hour
Infrared Satellite Image Visible Satellite Image Jet Stream
Infrared Visible Jet Stream
Water Vapor Satelite Image - The Drier the Better (Purple-Blue-Green) Sky Transparency - The Darker the Blue the better Cloud Top Temperature Satellite Image - The Colder (Darker) the  Better
Water Vapour Transparency Cloud Temperature
Eastern Canada Cloud Forecast Precipitation Radar Image Red Dots indicate lightning
Cloud Cover Precipitation Radar Lightning
Aurora Status Solar Wind Solar Data
Aurora Status Space Weather Solar Images
ROBOsky Site Camera All Sky Camera - View with ROBOsky 3 to Left (East) Sentinel Meteor Camera hosted at ROBOsky
Site View All Sky Camera Meteor Camera
Outside Temperature History Current Outside Temperature Current Outside Humidity Current Outside Dewpoint Current Wind Chill Current THW Index Current UV Index Current Solar Radiation Current Wind Direction Current Wind Speed Wind Speed History Air Density Barometer History Current Barometer Rain History Today's Rain Current Rain Rate Storm Rain Monthly Rain Total Yearly Rain Total Leaf Wetness / Dew Level (0-15) Soil Moisture Level (0-200 cb) Soil Temperature History Soil Temperature C Cloud Station 2 Hour Precipitation Status Cloud Station 2 Hour Temperature Cloud Station 2 Hour Sky Brightness Cloud Station 2 Hour Cloud Cover
Orangeville, Ontario Canada L9W 2Z2

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