November 18, 2006

Marc Castel

Dear Marc,

To highlight the six-month anniversary of the WTI robotic observatory installation at Robosky, I thought of sending you this note of appreciation for your dedication to providing such high quality services. Indeed, you have set up the observatory's remote capabilities in a very professional manner, ensuring that the system is not only fully automated, but also equipped with multiple layers of fail-safe capabilities to guarantee its safety in all circumstances. Furthermore, your ongoing coaching and assistance through these last six months have been absolutely invaluable.

It is really a pleasure now to be ready to image literally in a few minutes, compared to the two to three hours that it used to take when I had to travel away from Toronto and set up all my gear for each imaging session. I would also like to mention one last important point, namely that I have been truly surprised by the quality of the seeing and darkness at Robosky despite the fact that it is approximately an hour drive from Toronto.

Looking forward to our continued relationship,


Serge Theberge, President,
Watershed Transition Inc. (WTI)
Toronto, Canada
Orangeville, Ontario Canada L9W 2Z2

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