Observatory Tours

Contact us to book your private Tour of the Night Sky and observing session hosted at Wild Flower Ridge Observatories (Hockley Highlands, Orangeville, ON Canada).

Enjoy a summer solstice Celtic adventure in our 10m stone circle observatory or stroll through our vineyard, bee yard and lavender plantation. Warm up after your evening of star gazing in our sauna or hot tub while enjoying the night sky.

Stone Circle Observatory Lavender Rows
Wild Flower Ridge Farm Stone Circle Observatory Lavender
Wild Flower Ridge Farm Vineyard Ripening Grapes
Wild Flower Ridge Farm Vineyard Grapes
Wild Flower Ridge Farm Observatories Lunar Observing
Wild Flower Ridge Observatories Moon View
Bee Yard Bee Keeper
Wild Flower Ridge Bee Yard Bee Keeper

Orangeville, Ontario Canada L9W 2Z2
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