3.65m Clamshell Observatory Kit

The 3.65m (12 feet) diameter fibreglass clamshell dome is ideal for professional and amateur applications alike (telescopes, radar, tracking devices, etc). This dome is non-rotating and can be fully automated with our failsafe control panel allowing complete remote control operation. An optional Ascom compatible interface allows for integration into numerous remote observing software platforms. Email info@robosky.com

3.65m Clamshell Fibreglass Observatory Kit
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Available as an economical do-it-yourself kit ($12,995 CAN) including:

  • 12 Fibreglass Clamshell Observatory panels
  • Dome assembly hardware
  • Motor-ready pulley and strap kit
  • Assembly manual with sample control circuits
  • Note: Motors and wiring not included in this package
    may be purchased separately

    3.65M Clamshell Observatory Kit

    The clamshell dome has been designed for ease of assembly and a small shipping footprint. Local pickup is available in Ontario Canada. Crate or container pacakaging solutions are also available.

    Orangeville, Ontario Canada L9W 2Z2
    Email info@robosky.com

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